Who are we?

The SOILveR platform strongly believes in the need for integrated soil and land research and knowledge exchange in Europe. We acknowledge the added value of coordinating, co-funding and disseminating cross-border soil and land management research. SOILveR is a self-financed platform. The platform members have an common interest in sharing and implementing integrated multidisciplinary research. SOILveR builds on the experiences from other funding networks such as SNOWMAN and address knowledge needs identified by e.g. the Horizon 2020 project INSPIRATION and other initiatives as well as those proposed by the members of SOILveR.

What are our activities?

We are funding activities to implement the INSPIRATION Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and SRAs of other initiatives by forming a funders’ platform focusing on soil and land management research. We invite partners to join this flexi- ble and self-financed platform. Partners of this platform may be public or private institutions that fund research or knowledge dissemination, or other organizations willing to support these actions.


  • Fund integrated soil and land research aimed at addressing the knowledge needs identified in the INSPIRATION SRA or other SRAsDevelop knowledge exchange activities like webinars and workshops.
  • Avoid excessive administrative processes and preserve flexibility in research funding coordination.
  • Produce implementable research and focus on its uptake by end-users, at all levels from the national to the local.

There is a growing sense of urgency that unless we improve our use of soil and management of land, societies will suffer and ecosystems will be damaged.

  • Soil provides humans with key services related to several of the global Sustainability Development Goals formulated by the United While many severe threats to this resource have been recognized, soil and land degradation goes on.
  • Stakeholders in Europe have identified many knowledge needs related to soil and land. These were compiled in the Stra- tegic Research Agenda by INSPIRATION. Soil and land research needs coordination across regions, disciplines and stakeholder groups to properly address these knowledge.
  • A targeted funders’ platform around these issues is a key to leverage cross-country collaboration.

What will be gained by gathering into such a platform?

We will fund research in a more coordinated way and benefit from experience and skills from various professional backgrounds while keeping the overall picture provided by our common research agenda.

Our platform will enable us to:

  • Benefit from larger total
  • Get wider ideas and views through multidisciplinary
  • Complement each countries’ expertise through cross-country
  • Ensure involvement of highly competent and skilled researchers and committed stakeholders from across
  • Produce implementable research results (guidelines, recommendations, decision support tools, new technologies, )
  • Exchange experiences between platform members on specific