Soil monitoring schemes in several European countries.

The goal of this meeting is to provide input for the Soil Expert Group and to share experiences and knowledge from several countries. Topics that SOILveR wants to address are:

Part 1: Connecting EU and member states monitoring & use of data

  • What is LUCAS, how can it be used on an EU level and in member states?
  • How can the collection and use of soil and land data be encouraged in more ways than it is now?

Part 2: Zooming in on soil monitoring in relation to the objectives of the new Soil strategy

Provide key elements and lessons learned in monitoring and managing soil and land in relation to the Soil Health concept:

  • Climate change and adaptation: carbon storage in soils and water regulation
  • Preventing and remediating soil pollution: dealing with both point-source and diffuse pollution
  • Circular economy: which data for reducing soil sealing? Or to determine the monetary value of biodiversity?

These questions will be touched upon in short presentations by national experts, followed by an open discussion with all participants.

The program