Webinar SOILveR webinar on Soil Certificates and Soil Passports – 14th of October 2022


SOILveR Webinar on Soil Certificates and Soil Passports
SOILveR (Soil and Land research funding Platform) wants to move forward on its ‘knowledge road’ towards the EU Soil Strategy & Law. After having discussed the soil monitoring topic, as well as the sustainable land use (info) SOILveR will organise a third webinar on October 14th 2022 9.30 – 12.30 CET on the use Soil certificates and Soil passports. In this workshop policy and practice will discuss and meet.
Soil certificates
“Soil health is very relevant for farmers, foresters, and landowners in general, but also for investors, public authorities and businesses. As a way of creating a bigger awareness of the state of soils, some Member States have developed certificates of soil health. In some cases, these have to be provided during land transactions to adequately inform the buyer on soil status, similar to a certificate of energy performance that provides information on the energy efficiency of a house when selling it.”(Taken from current EU Public Consultation on a possible EU Soil Health Law for protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils)

Soil Passports
When a new building or infrastructure is built, and soils are excavated for this purpose, in many cases these excavated soils are clean and fertile and can be reused in the same or another appropriate location. In 2018, more than 530 million tonnes of excavated soils in EU were generated and reported as waste. To improve the safe recycling of healthy soils, several measures can be envisaged. To keep separate contaminated soil from clean soil, these streams have to be monitored more closely throughout the value chain, with traceability and quality control from the excavation site up to the receiving end.

This webinar has been prepared with CommonForum and NICOLE and the outcome of the SOILveR webinar will be input for the CommonForum NICOLE November meeting in Greece.


09.30hrs  Word of welcome and setting the scene
Gita Maas, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement
09.40hrs  Showcase ‘How Certificates and Passports work in Wallonia’

Legislation – Esther Goidts, SPW
Implementation in practice from the perspective of:

  • Brownfield development – Marie Jailler, SPAQUE
  • A soil expert – Frédéric  Bracke, FEDEXSOL
10.10hrs Introduction on the tour de table Yvonne Ohlsson, SGI
SOILveR has asked members of Common Forum and the NICOLE network whether SOIL Certificates or – Passports are being used and if not, whether a national system is being used. Based on the responses we have compiled a map. Several respondents will give a short presentation.
10.15hrs Tour de Table based on the “Map of Europe”  
10.45-11.00hrs Coffee break        
Continue Tour de Table based on the “Map of Europe”
Discussion  Yvonne Ohlsson, SGI
Wrap up Gita Maas, Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement